Simran Thind

Welcome to my little corner on the internet. I'm a software engineering student at the University of Waterloo, and am passionate about how technology can be applied to social good. I'm currently looking for full-time internships in 2024.

I'm also a Rewriting the Code Fellow for 2020-2021, a student ambassador for the Ontario Network of Women in Engineering, and have been cohort representative for the university's Women in Software Engineering (WiSE) group.

I helped organize Hack the North and EngHack, designed for UWaterloo's Cybersecurity Club, and have been an SWE at Bluescape and Nuclear Promise X. I have also worked as a developer advocate at Mattermost, and was a part of the technical marketing team at Untether AI. Other notable exploits include dragon-boating for 5+ years, being a part of a darn good rock band called the Crying Onions in elementary school, and building projects half-baked and otherwise - which can be checked out on GitHub and Devpost. The former also contains curated lists of resources on topics such as UI/UX (user interface/user experience), language learning, tech interview preparation, and internship/full-time lists.

I occasionally write about (mis)adventures on Medium, support cool things on ProductHunt, and host idea channels on Finally, all of this information is discussed ad nauseam on my resume, LinkedIn, AngelList, Polywork, and This site is ever-evolving, so come back soon and you might be surprised :)

last book read Sensor - Junji Ito

reading now Thinking in Systems: A Primer - Donella H. Meadows

watching now Alice in Borderland - Haro Aso

song on repeat sever the blight - hemlocke springs

Simran's GitHub stats: total commits - 545

thinking about creating my own font

Here's a selection of things I have done outside of formal employment and core activities for extra-curriculars. I'm still developing this section; more work will be added soon! When viewing in portrait, please scroll right on the table to view more information.

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So, why talk about blunders? I believe it's important to acknowledge that progress and growth is almost never linear in any context; whether socially, professionally, etc. Inspired by Kat Huang's failure page, here's my own anti-portfolio.

  • Not technically a failure but I really thought I'd do better in my testing course 😩
  • Rejected from Salesforce FutureForce Summit 2022
  • Failed the 2B term of my degree program, by failing 2 courses concerned with combinatorics and algorithms
  • Failed a PD course during my fall co-op term (💀 this year was not a good mental health year)
  • Decreased work output during my winter co-op term
  • Getting overwhelmed with some extra-curricular involvements
  • Didn't have a good application to interview ratio - maybe I'll post my internship Sankeys here in the near future
  • Rejected from the University of Waterloo's CS program (and then I got an SE offer some days later...)
  • Not making it through various scholarship rounds (ex. Schulich, Loran)

Thanks for reading!